FAQs about Not Related!

Where should I follow Not Related!?

Get a good podcast app or RSS reader and put in the RSS url:


While episodes will appear on YouTube, please do not rely on YouTube to track the podcast. Use the RSS feed above with a podcast app. If this podcast appears in iTunes, Spotify or Google Play store, do not use it there, but via the RSS link above. In the future, some episodes will not be able to appear there and I only use YouTube to get people off using it.

Use a podcast application or audio player that handles ogg files: they are superior and Not Related! will now be using them as of the second season. AntennaPod on Android werks fine.

Is there some purpose or commonality behind the topics of Not Related!?

No. In fact, it's important for the episodes to not be too related to retain the name.

Some have noted that a number of the episodes might constitute some kind of organized critique of common misunderstandings within "mainstream" academia. Even this is an epiphenomenon: topics are selected for (1) not being too well-known, yet (2) being intellectually relevant.

This is not a podcast for a Wikipedian audience. There is no point on doing episodes on "basic" or "common knowledge" topics. It annoys me that a lot of normie podcasts are people repeating stuff their audience already knows time and time again. I don't know why people enjoy that, but it's a waste. I view it as hard task to prevent a podcast from becoming idle speech to echo in an NPC's head.

Can you offer transcripts of episodes or image slideshows?

That's a lot of work, bro. I can't make that a habit. Some episodes may or may not've been highly abridged blog posts on my personal blog at some point.

If you make a transcript for an episode, feel free to share it with me and I can make if available to others here. Note that YouTube automatically makes subtitle files for videos that you can download and manually edit.

How can I help Not Related!?

Donate and/or save us bandwidth by seeding our torrents for episodes! (It costs you nothing but bandwidth you ain't using.)

You may also send Bitcoin or Monero to notrelated.xyz (with a wallet which uses OpenAlias) or to these addresses directly:


If you would like to donate crypto and have a comment you would like read, send the crypto and then send the comment by email to notrelated@cedars.xyz mentioning the transaction.


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