The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

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A radical theory of consciousness suggests that consciousness is a learned mental habit, and our ancestors were non-conscious automata. In this theory, what we now think of religious experiences and hallucinations were results of a "bicameral mind" where our two brain hemispheres were largely independent. This theory is built on a network of evidence ranging from archeology, abnormal psychology, linguistics, history and religion.
Here are general time codes, although don't be tempted to skip around on this one until you understand the general idea or it'll make no sense.
0:00: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
10:00: Consciousness generally
17:11: What Jaynes means by consciousness MUH QUALIA
19:43: What should we expect from the Bicameral Mind
22:39: Emails and User Comments: Economics, quantitative methods, Marxism, Big-Branded Nihilism, Emergence, Are rocks conscious?, J.F. Gariepy, Don't go to college.
34:00: A Greek Vocabulary Lesson
38:57: Le Bronze-Age Collapse Mindset (the Chad Achilles)
43:05: The Eternal Odysseus and Solon
44:50: Whomst are all these voices in my head?
46:53: The Trump inside your head
48:28: How to Organize a Bicameral Theocracy (Not saying it was aliens, but...)
54:39: Amos and Ecclesiastes
57:53: The Rise of the Fedora in the Middle East
59:28: The Words for the Bicameral Voices
1:01:46: Prophecy
1:07:20: Music and Poetry
1:10:40: Psychological states, schizophrenia and possession
1:11:43: The best of the theory and lacunae
1:14:58: Extensions and the Julian Jaynes Society
1:16:17: Big-Braned Levels of Consciousness
1:18:00: Anime pillows